Top 10 Reasons to Shop At
Lone Wolf Farm Market

1.    When you buy from us, you buy directly from the grower.
2.    We are organic…to a point.
3.    When you buy from us, you’re supporting local agriculture.
4.    We are small enough to care.
5.    We are a first generation, family owned and operated farm.
6.    We have Pick You Own.
7.    Our farm is a preserved farm.
8.    We grow awesome fruits and veggies.
9.    We grow awesome ornamentals.
10.    We have been farming and marketing for 27 years.
1.        When you buy from us, you buy directly from the grower.  We grow 95% of
the fruits and vegetables offered at our markets.  If we don’t grow it or are between
pickings, we’ll buy from fellow local farmers to make sure you’re getting the best.  
Our produce is picked fresh daily to give you the most in taste, nutrition and value.  
We’re real farmers so there’s no middle man.  There are many farmers markets out
there, but very few are owned and operated by real farmers.  Most are simply
hucksters who just add cost to something you could buy directly, fresher, at a lower
cost to you.

2.        We are organic…to a point.  We use organic techniques and OMRI
approved crop protection materials when possible.  Technically, any chemical
compound which includes carbon is, by definition organic.  Many natural occurring
compounds are among the most toxic known to man.  Many of these toxic
compounds are produced by some of our most problematic plant diseases.  
Failure to adequately control insects, diseases and weeds actually decreases the
health and nutrition of fruits and vegetables.  We don’t believe that the science
justifies organic crop production, or crop production without the use of synthetic
materials, as scientific data has recently shown.  We practice Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) which we feel is a more common sense approach to fruit and
vegetable production.  Rather than try to accurately explain the practice of IPM
here, we have included a link to an excellent Rutgers Fact Sheet written by Don
What is IPM?  Don helped pioneer the science of IPM with his work on
insecticide resistance of corn earworm and corn borer to the pyrythroid class of

3.  When you buy from us, you’re supporting local agriculture.  We know you like to
visit farms.  You like to take rides on back country roads and see beautiful, green
open spaces.  You know the benefits of a strong local farm economy.  Spending
your food and gardening dollars at Lone Wolf Farm Markets keeps your money
local and supports businesses, and a quality of life that’s important to you.

4.  We are small enough to care.  We actually built our business by growing the
fruits, vegetables and ornamentals that our customers ask for.  We have ‘custom
grown’ countless items with a great deal of satisfaction to our customers.  We enjoy
making our customers happy.  Please let us know if we can grow something for you!

5.  We are a first generation, family owned and operated farm.  When you buy from
us you’re supporting a local farm family, not some corporate farm or interstate food
chain.  Many of you have shared our family events and the raising of our children.  
Well, those children are going to college so keep shopping!

6.  We have Pick You Own.  For the full agricultural experience, nothing beats pick
your own fruits and veggies.  Currently we do strawberries and cut flowers, but hope
to expand that to tomatoes and peppers this year, and peaches possibly next year.  
Let us know what you’d like to pick and maybe we could offer it.

7.  Our farm is a preserved farm.  The sale of our development rights wasn’t one of
the multi-million dollar deals you read about in the newspaper since we didn’t
threaten to develop in the first place.  Since we’re first generation farmers, most of
that money just helped us establish our current farming operation in Pemberton, not
retire in opulence.  In fact, we were the first farm preserved in our area which has
resulted in a preservation district on North Pemberton Road.  We are proud to
leave this legacy.

8.  We grow awesome fruits and veggies.  Through years of development, we have
selected the best varieties of fruits and vegetables, the best production techniques,
and the best methods of getting that freshness to you.  Our sweet corn is picked
every day to give you quality that you just won’t find in the chain stores.

9.  We grow awesome ornamentals.  In addition to common varieties of plants that
you might find in a Lowe’s or Home Depot, we grow elite varieties of ornamentals
from Flower Fields, Proven Winner, Ogilvie’s, Paul Ecke, and others.  These
varieties have more intense color, more exotic or desirable growth habit, and
overall better performance.  We work these into planter, bowl and basket
combinations that are just awesome.  These are items we have custom grown.  
Ask us what we can grow for you.

10.  We have been farming and marketing for 27 years.  That implies we know what
we are doing or are incredibly blessed.  Both are true.  We love what we do and
are successful at it.  Take advantage of that and tap into our experience.  It is our
goal to make your gardening, cooking, and eating experiences more enjoyable.