History of Lone Wolf Farms
I suppose it all started selling petunias that I dug out of my parent’s garden – the
concept that someone would pay you for something that you grew. The love of
growing crops was further developed by the blessing of having worked for three
talented and high quality growers, the first of which being Henry Klimkowski,
whose farm I worked on during high school.  This inspiration led me to pursue a
bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Delaware Valley.  I worked summers on
the farm of Bill McNaney in Chalfont, PA, and one summer grew vegetables on
the farm of Emerson Carter in Lumberton, which I sold from a wagon located at
the present Lumberton post office.  After graduating from college, I worked for
Walt and Sonny Katona of Crosswicks for 2 years.

The Louis Russo farm was a beautiful 65 acre farm in Lumberton, and I started
farming on my own there after Louis passed away.  The farm was blessed with
plenty of water, exceptional soil and about 20 acres of apples and peaches.  I felt
Louis was my guardian angel, guiding me on the path of becoming a first
generation farmer.  I also had the incredible blessing of working with my
grandfather, George Hoehn, who had been a fruit and vegetable farmer, but had
sold his farm back in the late 40’s.  He taught me about growing peaches, apples
but more importantly, life.  We farmed there for 6 years and sold our produce
from ‘The Market Wagon’ which was located across from Dunleavey’s in
Hainesport, and at the Trenton Farmer’s Market.  I purchased the property on the
corner of routes 38 and 541 in 1986 and established a farm market there.

Sandy and I were married in 1988 and decided to buy a farm in Maryland, not
being able to afford land here.  This plan didn’t go so well, and we sold the farm
in 1994.  I took a job at American Cyanamid Company doing agricultural
chemical research, and we set up greenhouses on rented ground.  One of those
farms was actually the old Henry Klimkowski farm.  We slowly rebuilt our
business here, and in 1999 bought our current farm in Pemberton.  We
established a farm market on the farm, and added tailgate market locations in
Glenside and Norristown, PA.